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We are proud holders of the Suffolk Carbon Charter Gold award and have been actively involved with some of Mrs Baldwin (Lead Teacher for the Outside Learning Project at the Castemanor Academy) Eco Projects.

Mrs Baldwin is passionate about the environment and involving the local community (of all ages). She has proved that when children get a chance to grow their own food, they are far more likely to try it & eat a healthier diet! The vegetable garden and orchard provide an excellent resource for classroom projects. She has rehomed rescue animals such as OAP guinea pigs and 8 battery hens & taught the students the responsibility for the care of the animals which has now become part of daily routine

Since she started her projects the awareness and support for hands-on growing activities within our local schools is increasing.

Kew Gardens & the RHS have provides some sponsorship and are already using the Castle Manor Academy as a flag ship and training location for other schools & organisations.

Her enthusiasm is contagious and she works all hours to achieve her objectives.

Please listen to her being interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk on the 29th January 2015  @ 1.10pm on the Lesley Dolphin show, talking about winning the Suffolks Greenest school award and the academy’s current eco projects.


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