securityvouchers1Security Voucher Printing

Specialized Print has had many years’ experience of producing security vouchers for some of the UK’s best known retailers and brands, giving you the assurance of the highest standards of quality, reliability and expertise.

Specialized Print offers a thoroughly dependable and comprehensively protected service for producing vouchers with advanced security features. We operate from an APACS accredited secure site, with a secure pick and pack facility

Our vouchers incorporate an array of security features making them virtually impossible to forge or copy. You can confidently trust the quality and integrity of secure vouchers from Specialized Print

Product Features

UV Inks
Can be printed across the whole document in an invisible pattern which can only be seen under ultra violet light.

Numismatic design
Complex fine line relief patterns can be created that are almost impossible to replicate

A visible deterrent against counterfeiting using the unique and highly advanced S-security holographic foil.

Holograms can have a bespoke logo cut out for more visible branding.

Die Cut Hologram
Holograms can have a bespoke logo cut out for more visible branding.

Security Numbering
Facilitates accurate audit control of your vouchers.

Thermochromic Inks
React to heat changes for instant validation

Extra security features that also add perceived value to the voucher



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