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Specialized Print is a major supplier to the UK universities and examination boards. Our ability to consistently meet their exacting standards is your assurance of our quality, reliability and expertise.

Specialized Print offers a thoroughly dependable and comprehensively protected service for producing certificates with advanced security features, operating from an APACS accredited secure site.

We are specialists in certificate design and production, offering many innovative and effective security features and incorporating the latest techniques for fraud avoidance.

Product Features

Security Certificate Printing 2Heavyweight watermarked paper
Epicycloid intricate watermark paper, only available through accredited security printers, has a special coating that effectively prevents fraudulent alteration.

Bleed-through numbering
A sequential number that impregnates the paper, showing black on the front and red on the reverse.

A visible deterrent against counterfeiting using the unique and highly advanced S-security holographic foil. Hologram can have bespoke logo cut out for more visible branding.

Micro-numismatic design
Complex guilloche or fine line relief patterns can be created that are almost impossible to replicate.

UV inks
Can be printed across the whole document in fluorescing invisible pattern which can only be seen under ultra violet light.

Thermochromic inks
React to heat changes for instant validation.

APV ink
A specially formulated ink that is designed for use with security products that require laser infilling. A transparent varnish, with fluorescent properties, is applied to vulnerable areas and increases laser toner adhesion by 30%.

Micro text
A printed feature containing an ultra small font that is very difficult to scan or colour copy.

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