pressure sealPressure Seal Printing

Specialized Print is a leading supplier of pressure seal products. Our extensive and practical product knowledge, both in production and application, assures you of the highest standards of quality, reliability and expertise.

Pressure seal is a secure, dry-sealed document that’s increasingly
used in payroll applications. Versatile and cost-effective, it’s designed to allow you to process the documents conveniently and inexpensively, using your own standard desktop laser printers.

Specialized Print can also supply the pressure seal folder/sealer providing you with a complete solution.integrated printing 4

Product Features

  • Available as cut-sheet, single part packs and reels
  • Various fold designs available (see table on reverse)
  • Maximum depth 14”
  • Maximum width 20”

We also offer pressure seal cheques, with a range of security features to effectively prevent forging or copying.

Other designs in our pressure seal range can incorporate pop-out cards/labels and window mailers.

For those who should want a recycled grade, this is also available.

Standard Sizes

pressure seal sizes






How it works

pressure seal how it works


Pressure Seal Fold Constructions

z fold

Z fold

The Z fold construction can also be used to conceal four of the six panels This only requires simplex personalisation with two face panels available for variable information plus the address panel.



c foldC fold 

The C fold construction can be used to conceal four of the six panels. The personalisation will need to be duplex. This would enable you to use four panels for variable data, i.e. three on the face plus the address on the reverse.



v foldV fold 

Unlike the C and Z folds, a V fold construction form has four panels on the sheet, i.e. two on each side. This method allows one side of the cut sheet to be concealed.

Personalisation would need to be duplex with the variable print on the face plus an address panel on the reverse.


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